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First post...

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more laguna! i love laguna!
The "Chosen One" is AMAZING.

and team Diggory ♥
I love you <3
i love them.
great job miray.
Squeee. I love them. More Laguna and Alexis Bledel please! ;)
Of course!
saving 1 and 2

great job!
Thanks! I heart Hp <3
I do too. your icon is funny.
LOL thanks !
Taking 22. Credit in keywords.
I loooove Laguna!
Ahh me too. Laguna = addicting.
Hey I took 20 and 23 will credit
okie dokie ^_^
more laguna! those are all loverly!
i took some laguna icons will credit!!
Guys, I'm taking #s 4 and 9. Will surely credit

They all ara just amazing
snagged the ryan and marissa ones :)
took #7&12
Hey, sorry but i'm really new to this... how do i join?